wren & willow photography’s studio space

Wren & Willow Photography’s studio space is small and inviting with an entry way, shooting space and seating area, office area and a private restroom for clients. This space is quite smaller than my last space, but is perfect for portraits. Sometimes a large space can be too intimidating to clients. This one is cozy and allows you to relax 🙂

I use a strobe with a very large PLM softbox and a Westcott Eyelighter to create the perfect beauty light for portraits. This helps create beautiful catch lights in the eyes as well as brighten shadows and reduce imperfections. In conjunction with professional retouching, your images will be the best you have ever had!!

My tiny furry intern wanted to be in the photo too 😉 Although, if someone is around she doesn’t know, she is a scaredy cat lol.

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