where are your portraits?

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Where are your portraits? Where are memories and keepsakes kept or displayed in your home? Ah, the digital age. I’m not sure if we could survive without it, although some of us would certainly be better equipped.

I was born in the 70’s so I know what life is like without a remote control…or even cable TV! We played outside back then with dirt, bugs or anything else we could find that was mildly entertaining. It was amazing how your imagination would allow you to create something from a sheet and tin cans back then :)

Sorry, I digress… I have wondered what would happen if we had to go back to a time like that now. It could happen. At any moment, the “grid” could be taken out and we would be back in the 70’s again and worse. So glad I know how to grow food and build things. I think I would be ok for awhile anyway…

So where would your precious memories be if something happened? On your iPhone? Whew, so glad I got everything on that thing….oh, wait…$%&@! Crap, everything’s completely gone! Everything!!! (sobs loudly)

I hope I’m not the only one that considers that this could happen. So glad I still have actual pictures printed on paper to hold in my hands. Do you? CD’s are pretty much obsolete these days as the majority of computers no longer have a CD drive. I would imagine it’s not long for USB’s to evolve into something new soon. Remember floppy disks, 8 tracks, cassettes….um, yeah…exactly!

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