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glamour portrait in black tulle skirt and corsetI received a message from a friend regarding her session with me recently and it really left me pondering…EVERY client I have worked with had some hang-up about themselves or their body EVEN if they could be a model in a magazine. Sigh…I understand, but it doesn’t mean I like it.

If I could be one of those women who exudes confidence despite their obvious personality or body flaws, I would do it in a heart beat. Growing up, I didn’t really have the support and encouragement I needed to be that girl. Despite what we see everyday in people, society doesn’t embrace them even though the majority seems to be less than perfect.

I photograph women. Women are beautiful. I used to photograph other things, but never felt the enjoyment and satisfaction I do when working with women. They are vulnerable but choose to seek me out to make them feel and look beautiful. It’s empowering to both them and myself.

I’ve come to learn that not all women are very comfortable being photographed in lingerie. Not all women are about lingerie. I understand that, and want to offer more than that to my clients. I’ve been finding ways to help my clients feel beautiful without feeling like they have to wear revealing lingerie. I have found that women like to play dress-up…even though we are much older than that young girl trying on things from her mother’s closet.

Beauty portraits help accomplish the inner need to feel like a princess without exposing body flaws that make us feel insecure. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so I want that beauty to be shared.

Don’t be afraid to do it! Let’s talk about it 🙂 By clicking the link you will contact me for your beauty|boudoir portrait session.

glamour portrait in black tulle skirt and black corsetvintage boudoir portrait with black tulle skirt and black corset


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