today’s choice boudoir award

I received a boudoir award today. I was so grateful to find that one of my images was chosen. LuxeMod Boudoir is a member of AIBP or Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

I am so thankful to be affiliated with this group. There is so much talent and limitless inspiration there. So many give their time and knowledge freely to help the boudoir and glamour genre. They also publish a lovely magazine dedicated to the boudoir and glamour genre called Philosophie Boudoir

Boudoir Awards from AIBP

AIBP often recognizes individuals for their work with different contests and reviewing of websites. It’s nice to have your work shared and recognized by your peers. Today one of my images was chosen for their Today’s Choice boudoir award. I love this image. It is one of my favorite “anonymous” portraits.

What are “anonymous” portraits? Sometimes my boudoir session clients are happy to share images fully and sometimes there may be reservations. I completely understand that. That is why I let my clients choose their level of privacy before we even make an appointment for the session. Anonymous images with no face is one of those privacy options.

Of course, you can choose not to share anything at all…but I do greatly appreciate those clients who don’t mind showing off their gorgeous boudoir images! You deserve to be celebrated!

If you are interested in seeing more of my boudoir work, please consider visiting my gallery page here.

boudoir award portrait from AIBP

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