steamy boudoir

Ooh La La, this was my second boudoir session with Ms. A. Yes you CAN do multiple boudoir or glamour sessions! We decided to step things up a bit this time around. It was so cute that her sweetie gave her pages from magazines with cute little notes about looks and poses that he really would… Read More

the eyes have it

The eyes have it! Sexy Ms. A knew how to bring it! We had so much fun with her session. Her hair and make-up was absolutely gorgeous since she had it done professionally. Of course, she was already gorgeous! Her hubby will go nuts! Ready for your boudoir portraits and live in the Tulsa area? Contact… Read More

short hair beauty boudoir session

Sexy Ms. C…yes, I said sexy! This boudoir session was really important to me and to Ms. C. She said she didn’t do sexy very well and I wanted to prove her wrong! Yes, a challenge, but I was up for it. Even though she did these for her hubby, I think they will mean… Read More