lingerie for boudoir sessions

Let’s talk about lingerie for boudoir sessions. It’s been really difficult finding lingerie stores in the Tulsa area to send clients. I started surfing the web for lingerie stores. It happens that there are actually a ton of them, but I found one in particular that I love named Dollhouse Bettie. They have all types including vintage… Read More

50 shades boudoir sessions

50 shades boudoir Well, the wait is finally over…the movie is out! Curious to see if it lived up to the books. I have read the books, but have not yet seen the movie. It was sold out, so will have to plan soon. Anyway, I am betting on a baby boom around Thanksgiving this… Read More

new products

So I have been working on new products to offering for 2015 and two have arrived. First, is the new wood image box with thick mat prints. The box has a sliding lid and inside there is a false bottom which can store a gift trinket or other goodies and a wood easel to display… Read More

digital files and why i include them

  Why do I include digital files with certain products? After much thought, I decided to change the way I do digitals for 2015 boudoir sessions. Honestly, I cringe in an extreme fashion when someone asks to only buy digitals. Why? Because MOST people do not do anything with them. That is so much more… Read More