key boudoir pose

I really like this key boudoir pose. It’s all about exaggeration when posing for boudoir portraits. Curves are queen! 🙂 I like to add as many as possible to draw in the viewer’s eye to the image. This pose is classic. Share

girl next door

The girl next door look is so innocent and natural. I just finished up a boudoir session with this beautiful girl. She is going to surprise her hubby-to-be with these sexy pictures. What I love most is the fact that she said he wouldn’t expect something like this from her. I LOVE IT! I can’t… Read More

artful skin tulsa boudoir

Artful skin…tattoos. I don’t have any myself, but that’s mostly due to my crazy fear of needles. Anytime I am around them I have to look away. If not, I will most likely pass out. Anyway, I’m about to finish up processing images for the most recent boudoir session and really loved this one. Even… Read More

sexy curves – tulsa boudoir

Sexy curves. It doesn’t matter what size you are if you are confident in your own skin. I loved working with Ms. C. She accompanied another client to the studio and decided to let me photograph her. I always encourage clients to bring a friend with them so that they have a personal cheerleader and… Read More