Fuzzy Cows

My husband may be the only one that knows this, but I LOVE Highland fuzzy cows. Driving down a back road outside of Durango early one morning, these cuties were grazing along the road (pause for screeching tires). Of course, I had to stop to take a photograph! Someday, I will be close enough to… Read More

Cascade Creek Colorado

We found ourselves spending alot of time along Cascade Creek in Colorado trying to perfect our long exposure photography. The only thing that I didn’t like was the elevation. At about 8900 ft, I found myself having a really hard time adjusting to the increased elevation. Whew, I could never catch my breath! It was so… Read More

new adventures

Hi! Just wanted to pop on here to let everyone know that my husband and I are out traveling for an extended period of time. We sold our house in Sand Springs and decided to take some time to go on some new adventures to see some things before we settle in again. Our first stop… Read More