where are your portraits?

Where are your portraits? Where are memories and keepsakes kept or displayed in your home? Ah, the digital age. I’m not sure if we could survive without it, although some of us would certainly be better equipped. I was born in the 70’s so I know what life is like without a remote control…or even cable… Read More

a new adventure

A new adventure is on the horizon for myself and my husband. We have decided to sell our house early next year and put everything in storage so that we can travel the US and maybe a little Canada too. After losing our family pet, we decided to wait to add another furry member to our… Read More

friday fashion post

Friday fashion post is here. I am loving this one. Typically, patterns/logos aren’t a great idea for a photo shoot but these definitely work. I also love the bold contrast of the black with red. Smokin’ hot! And…don’t forget the shoes! Need help with outfits for your boudoir or any other session? I am happy… Read More

boudoir fashion friday

Boudoir fashion Friday again. I love this palette for a boudoir session. Playful yet 50 Shades appeal. Naughty and nice all at once 🙂 I love this new trend of “banded” lingerie. It’s so flattering while adding texture and lines. So sexy! Share

today’s choice boudoir award

I received a boudoir award today. I was so grateful to find that one of my images was chosen. LuxeMod Boudoir is a member of AIBP or Association of International Boudoir Photographers. I am so thankful to be affiliated with this group. There is so much talent and limitless inspiration there. So many give their time… Read More