where are your portraits?

Where are your portraits? Where are memories and keepsakes kept or displayed in your home? Ah, the digital age. I’m not sure if we could survive without it, although some of us would certainly be better equipped. I was born in the 70’s so I know what life is like without a remote control…or even cable… Read More

bondage inspired outfits

I love this collection of bondage inspired outfits for a boudoir session. There is something about the strappy trend that I’ve been seeing that I think is so sexy. I hope this is inspiration for someone when thinking about outfits. I know some struggle with ideas. If you do, please don’t hesitate to contact me.… Read More

lovely lace boudoir

This lovely lace boudoir jacket is to die for! I was so happy when my client brought this to wear for her boudoir session. Lace accessories are an absolute favorite for sessions. They add so much texture and femininity to your overall look. What could be better? Thinking about a boudoir session? Valentine’s Day approaches… Read More

digital files and why i include them

  Why do I include digital files with certain products? After much thought, I decided to change the way I do digitals for 2015 boudoir sessions. Honestly, I cringe in an extreme fashion when someone asks to only buy digitals. Why? Because MOST people do not do anything with them. That is so much more… Read More

fashion friday boudoir

Every woman should feel like a Goddess! Beautiful soft tones, flowing fabrics and strappy shoes…what else could be more beautiful? Book your boudoir session with me today. Complimentary consultation to plan your perfect shoot! Share