Flattering lingerie to disguise problem areas: Tummy Troubles

Figure Flattering - Tummy Disguises
When planning a boudoir photo session, you may often find yourself wondering what type of lingerie to buy. All women have a body issue of some type…ALL! So I will be doing a series of posts to help offer tips and suggestions to help disguise problem areas that most women have mentioned at one time or another during their boudoir session with LuxeMod Boudoir.
This collection of lingerie will help disguise the tummy. This is a big one for most women, especially if you have children. Other than hiding the tummy area with lighting and posing, their are also certain types of lingerie that will help disguise any issues like stretch marks, scars, or that little extra love handle you may be hiding.
I keep a few of these handy tools in the studio. They have assisted more than once 🙂

Corsets are fabulous for hiding most all of the tummy. They also shape and slim and are gorgeous for photo shoots! There are corsets that are very strict and those that are less restricting depending on the level of “help” you are needing. Some have garters and some don’t. Need help deciding on what is best for you? Just ask me, I’m here to help 🙂

Babydolls are popular and something most women already have in their wardrobe. They aren’t my favorite for boudoir shoots because they are so common and also because they sometimes hide too much. Your wanting to show skin, so opt for one that is lace or sheer if this is a must for you. You need to be comfortable after all!
Teddies or body suits are amazing for boudoir shoots too. They tend to elongate the body while also hiding tummy issues. They are just sexy 🙂 ASOS has some awesome teddies and they are budget-friendly.
Waspies, waist-cinchers, and garter belts. Tools to accessorize your overall outfit. I love adding these to existing outfits to add that little burst of vintage femininity. They cover the wobbly bits just right and scream YES! I’m all that! They come in all sorts of styles. I’m sure you can find one to suit your inner diva.
High-waisted panties. I LOVE these for sessions. Don’t think granny panties…think high-fashion. They are sexy and so many are embellished with bling or lace. So pretty while covering trouble areas. Paired with a pretty supportive bra and high heels = sinsational!
I hope this post was helpful. If you have something to add, comment or contact me at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

Next week, I will put together a post about the best bra for your session so stayed tuned!

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