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Let’s answer some FAQ about LuxeMod Portrait’s boudoir’s experience. I want to help ease your fears or your curiosity and answer some frequently asked questions that you have been afraid to ask. Fear of the unknown, right?

Many are you are probably apprehensive about wearing lingerie in front of a complete stranger. That is what most are thinking, right? It’s all skin and skimpy underwear and oh no! what about my arms, what about that tattoo I hate, what about my stomach, what about…what about? The list is endless. Yeah, I know…we are women and we ALL have our insecurities and body issues.  I’ve seen it all, and we all have SOMETHING!

There is seriously NOTHING to be afraid of if you hire a professional boudoir photographer. Do your research, find a style that you like, and jump in with both feet! Seriously! You’ll probably regret it if you don’t. If not now, many years down the road when you wish you had some pictures of yourself feeling so empowered and free looking so stunning and beautiful.

Now for the FAQ (frequently asked questions):

FAQ boudoirWhat exactly is boudoir photography? Do I have to get naked?

“Boudoir” (pronounced boo-dwah) historically refers to an upper class lady’s private bedroom, sitting area or dressing room. This type of photography has been around alot longer than you realize. It’s nothing new as famous women like Mae West and Jean Harlow were photographed in this particular style from the 1920s to 1940s.

The answer to the second part of the question is no! How much or little my clients wear is completely up to them. Even if you are not comfortable wearing lingerie, there are options for you. I also offer beauty or modern glamour portraits. These can be more modest for shy clients who still want to feel beautiful without exposing themselves to the point of uncomfortable. I have several pieces of vintage bustiers and petticoats or tulle skirts. Or clients can bring a favorite outfit or other accessories that make them feel beautiful. Truly, that is the key. What you feel or how comfortable you are will show in the image we capture.

Is my session private? Do you share my images?

Sessions are 100% private. The only person present at your shoot is myself. Sometimes I may have a female make-up artist or assistant present.

Images are NEVER shared anywhere without your permission. You choose your level of privacy and where the images can be used, if you choose to share any. There is absolutely NO requirement to share images in order to book a session.

What if I’m not the model type? 

I say PERFECT! I don’t currently have any model images on my website. My clients are students, brides-to-be, mom’s, etc. I say, if you you wanna do it, then DO IT! Embrace the person and body you have now. The experience will be empowering and ultimately you will feel more confident. Even if you are doing a boudoir session as a gift for someone else, you will get just as much from it if not more.

How do you work around problem areas that I might have? 

This is every woman. Every woman is insecure about something. It’s true! When we sit down for our consultation, we will talk about any areas of your body that you are self-conscious about. I can work around these things with posing and lighting. I can also strategically place scarves, jewelry, or other accessories to help conceal areas if needed. I can also edit afterwards to correct or minimize issues.

What if I am REALLY nervous?

Well, you are certainly not alone. Most every client starts out that way. Unless, you study America’s Next Top Model or practice incessantly, you are going to be nervous. This is why I take the a little time before the session to talk to you, pick out outfits, and discuss the session. Music is also playing in the studio to help your mood. If you would like to bring your own personal playlist on your iPod or iphone, you are more than welcome.

Honestly, after about 10-15 minutes, you will relax and be ready to unleash your inner diva!

I also prefer to have a consultation with each client prior to the session so that we have a chance to meet and you have a chance to see the studio, available outfits and accessories and ask any questions you may have about the process, expectations and outcome. This is important so that you get what you want out of the experience. LuxeMod Boudoir is not a volume studio. Customer service is the utmost of importance as well as luxury heirloom and fine art products.

How much “grooming” is best for this type of photo shoot?

Easy! Just make sure to wax/shave any area that will not be covered during the session. It’s best to do this early enough before your session so that you do not have any irritation or razor burn during your session.

Do you have to get professional hair and makeup?  

No. But if you want a day of pampering and a night on the town, why not? If you choose hair and make-up, we will work together with the hair and make-up artist to get the what you are wishing to achieve. (romantic, playful, vixen, etc.) With photography, eye and lip makeup does need to go on a little heavier than everyday wear. That’s so it’ll show up best in the photos. You can still get a natural look to really smokey eyes. I have a chart in the studio, to help guide you. It’s important for you to look and feel your best to get the most from your session.

What should I bring to the session?

I will provide you with suggestions on things to bring to your session upon reserving your session. I have several items available for use in the studio. I highly suggest setting up a complimentary consultation with me so that you can see what is available and so we can discuss what type of outfits will work best for you. I am here to help with whatever I can to make your session the best it can be.

In general here are some things you’ll want to bring:

1 to 2 outfit changes like a mix of lingerie, special items (like a favorite shirt of his or jersey) and any other options you’d like

Accessories – jewelry and other items like a hat, veil etc.

Sexy shoes

The address of your Pinterest idea board or printed inspiration pages for poses if you’d like!

Will you guide me through what I need to do? Once the photo shoot begins, what actually happens?

Of course! I’m here for you! No worries if you feel a little out of your element. It’s really easy. I will start off with some basic poses to help you relax. I coach you through each and every pose as well as facial expressions and where to look. Most often, with each pose, I will coach you through several expressions (smiling, serious, slightly parted lips, smirk, etc.) and you will look in different areas (at the camera, down your body, closed, at the light source). I will also walk around you to get different shots.

I don’t see any nude photos on your website. I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but do you offer that type of photography?

Yes, I do offer implied or other nude options during sessions. I just choose not to display this on the web. Keep in mind that I will only photograph artistic, tasteful nudes – if it’s outside my comfort zone I will let you know. It’s my goal that you look back on the photos and feel good about them years from now.

Should I go tanning before my session?

My suggestion is “NO.” When it comes to tanning before your boudoir shoot, I have seen a lot of tans go wrong and honestly, they photograph a bit orange. Well, actually I have seen them photograph REALLY orange and intense tan lines as well.  I cannot be held responsible to correct a spray tan, tan lines, etc, in Photoshop.

When should I schedule?

I would book your boudoir session far in advance to make sure you get your prints and albums in time. Because of the custom nature of albums, they take the longest turn around time.

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Yes, you can, but I suggest only one friend because most women feel awkward with an audience. Girlfriends are awesome cheerleaders and moral support. No boyfriends or husbands please.

Do you sell gift certificates?

YES! They can be purchased online Gift Certificates

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! I want everyone to have this experience and I am happy to work out a payment plan with you at your view and order session. I can split up your total in up to 4 payments. Keep in mind that I cannot place any orders for product until everything is paid in full.

I need to reschedule, what do I do?

If you are feeling ill, please call to reschedule.  If you must cancel, please do so at least 72 hours before your session. The fee can be credited towards a future session if you reschedule the appointment by contacting me 72 hours prior to the date of session and re-booking at an agreeable date and time.

What if I don’t like my pictures?

I want you to be happy! After photographing women for several years, I’m confident that you will be thrilled with the finished product. However, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied you may opt of completing the remaining balance of your collection payment(s).

How long will it take to see my photos?

Generally up to 2 weeks. We will schedule a view and order session when you come in for the photo shoot.

What if I want a product you don’t offer?

I try my best to accommodate your needs. If there is a product that you really want, and it is within my grasp, I will certainly give you a quote for it. Want a custom collection? Just contact me and we can work together to get you what you want.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the custom nature of boudoir product offerings, all sales are final.

 What else should I know?

LuxeMod Photography, LLC is a fully insured and licensed business, I have been shooting boudoir since 2007. Sessions are available to women aged 21 and over (you may be asked to provide ID).

Still have questions? Contact me here. I am happy to help! Want to keep up to date? Like my Facebook page.

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