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digital files Why do I include digital files with certain products? After much thought, I decided to change the way I do digitals for 2015 boudoir sessions. Honestly, I cringe in an extreme fashion when someone asks to only buy digitals. Why? Because MOST people do not do anything with them. That is so much more than sad to me.

So many people only take images with their cell phone. While it is fantastic to capture so many moments in your life, did you ever really think about what would happen if the internet ceased to exist? It could happen… You could lose everything but the memories locked deep inside your brain!

Terrorism is real and hard drives can crash. Don’t, for a second, believe that everything on your phone and computer will remain there forever. It’s just not likely. How many people actually back up that CD, DVD, USB that they get? How many put it in a fire proof safe? How many actually print the photos or make an album to keep?

Even if some of you do, do you know what quality you are really getting? Is your lab/drugstore using archival quality papers that will actually last for more than a few years. Are you storing them in a cool, dark place?

So…I decided that I would not do my clients a disservice in allowing them to only buy digital images. I just can’t do it anymore. I want you…my beautiful client…to actually have something beautifully tangible to hold in your lovely little hands. And not only you, but your loved ones now and those that are here after you are no longer on this earth.

Sorry if I seem over-the-top emotional about it. It is what it is. So because of my strong feelings about this, you get the digital image(s) for every product that you buy from me. Yay! Now you will have something beautiful to treasure always! You’re welcome!

YOU are beautiful and I want to capture you for all time”

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