Curvy Girl Boudoir

Curvy girls…yes! I think all girls are meant to be soft, curvy and feminine. Ms. C came with a friend to offer moral support during her boudoir session and I knew I wanted to photograph her as soon as I saw her. I nudged her during the session to please come back for her own. She’s a sweet, spunky girl :) She totally rocked it. We had so much fun!

If you’re a curvy girl and want to talk with me about possibly doing a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to set up a complimentary consultation with you to talk about your vision, outfits or whatever you would like ;) Don’t be afraid. It you’ve got it, definitely flaunt it!

Typical question about plus size (aka curvy girl) boudoir

What it I am self-conscious about certain parts of my body?

No worries. And actually, every woman I have ever met thin or curvy has one or several issues with their body. It truly amazes me how hard we are on ourselves…me included. There is so much we can do with lighting and posing to help accentuate what you like and hide what you don’t. We can also camouflage areas with clothing, jewelry, scarves and even just choosing the correct type of lingerie. I have lots of what to wear ideas on my Pinterest boards here. Feel free to take a look!

What is boils down to is confidence. If you know for certain that you want to do a boudoir or glamour session then do it! Yes, you will be nervous. That is perfectly normal…really! Every client is nervous for about 15 minutes. Once we start shooting and talking…and laughing, it becomes fun and freeing! Trust me! So if your a curvy girl, don’t be shy. Ask me questions, I’m here to help! [email protected]

Check out the gallery for more images.

curvy girl boudoir tulsa pretty in pink

curvy woman with intense eyes boudoir portraitplus size woman in white shirt and tieplus size boudoir portrait implied nude with short hairplus size boudoir implied nude portrait


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