curves ahead

I just love moms who want to celebrate their bodies and have something to cherish and remember forever. Boudoir or glamour portraits are the perfect way to do that.

Ms. s is super sexy and confident blonde bombshell, with lots of curves and is planning a super birthday gift for her hubby. They have been together for 16 years and have 2 children.

I love that her husband tells her that all he wants is her wrapped in a ribbon. So sweet! Well, that is just what we did. I cannot wait to hear his reaction to her boudoir portraits.

See more boudoir portraits in the gallery from Luxemod Boudoir, your boutique Boudoir photographer in Tulsa!

blonde vixen with pretty eyes boudoir portraitwoman in mens shirt blowing hair boudoir portrait



5 thoughts on “curves ahead

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love them all, but I especially love the colors with the boa. Great work as always, Tracie!

  2. Hi, this is Ms. S’s Hubby. This was an AWESOME birthday gift!!! My wife is always so stunning, sexy, and beautiful. You did an excellent job of photographing her that shows how amazing of a woman she is. Thank you.

  3. He loved his pictures and looks at them EVERY day! My husband’s first reaction, after he nearly fell on the floor and used the bed to catch himself, was “Damn!” He was floored and totally surprised. Thank you so so much! You did an amazing job.

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