Colorado Photo Tours for Women

mooseinwillows colorado photo tours by wren and willow photographyColorado photo tours is something exciting that I am currently working on. If you don’t know, I live very close to Rocky Mountain National Park. I visit often since it is only about a hour away from me. I thought I would start offering tours to local women and visitors that aren’t familiar with the area, but really want to do some sightseeing.

There are so many breathtakingly beautiful drives and places not far from Denver. So if you are not familiar with the area, let me be your guide! We can plan whatever you would like based on what you would like to see during your visit to Colorado.

The thing that will be special with my Colorado photo tours, is that I would love to offer them to women who maybe aren’t comfortable sightseeing alone or those that don’t really hike that much or maybe just aren’t really able to due to limited mobility.  I completely understand both being a woman who loves the mountains and also struggled with mobility prior to a hip surgery.

What I would like to offer:

See some of the beautiful mountain scenery that Colorado is famous for!

I can take you to see some areas that wildlife frequently visit.

I can incorporate a mini session into your tour if you are interested in having some photos taken with the incredible scenery.









If you love photography, but maybe want to some help with your camera or taking better photos on your trip…I can help!

I would love to hear from you if you have requests or other suggestions for photo tours around Colorado.  Contact me here!