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woman posing for boudoir photography wearing pearlsBoudoir photography is growing in popularity and boudoir portraits are the perfect gift for many occasions such as groom’s gift, birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or even for your special someone in the military.

When I speak to new clients I always ask them why they chose boudoir portraits.  I am always amazed by how many say they are going to surprise their husband or boyfriend. Not only that, but they often say that their significant other would NEVER expect them to do something so bold.

When I receive feedback from my clients it absolutely thrills me to hear the stories. Here is one from a recent client Ms. S:

“Oh, my gosh! It didn’t quite work out how I planned, so I didn’t get any pictures of his reaction, but just from the few prints I bought he was FLOORED! He still hasn’t seen the rest of the pictures, so if he was floored just from the few he saw, I can only imagine what he will think from the other ones!

He literally looked at them and it was just crickets for a minute. Then he looked at me and said “Are these… What?! Are you serious?!” Later I asked if he expected that out of me, and he very adamantly announced “NO!” So I think I got him pretty good. He had no clue they were coming and they were a huge surprise. There was nothing in his mind that even hinted that he thought I could do it. 😛 I’d say he loved them!”

My clients vary in ages and sizes and all have thoroughly enjoyed their experience. Of course, they are always nervous at first, but as soon as they arrive at the studio, I take the time to talk with each client before the session, show them where we will be conducting the session, and also review some samples with them to find out the style they are interested in portraying. Feedback from my customers is extremely important to me whether good or bad. It helps me know what I need to do in my work to make the experience more special. Here is feedback from a recent session with Ms. A:

“Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! I had such a great time working with you, and I could not have asked for a better photographer. You have a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable as well as such an encouraging, creative edge. I cannot wait to give these pictures to my husband and I really look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for allowing me to carry out how I envisioned things as well as providing great ideas and wonderful insight into your professional world. You were so laid back, open minded and very easy going.

From what I have seen so far, these images will be absolutely incredible, but nothing will compare to the experience you provided. With such attention to detail and fabulous customer service I know you will continue to have a flourishing photography business and I cannot wait to tell more people about you and your work.”

I like to shoot from many different angles, it really depends on whether a client has a particular area that they aren’t necessarily comfortable with. There are easy ways to hide flaws with angles and depth of field while making unique and interesting portraits.

It is important to me that my clients are comfortable and that they understand that my work isn’t distasteful in any way. Some clients request special images that may be a little more revealing than others, but I never share those images. The boudoir photography on are what can be expected from every session. It is sophisticated and sexy in every way. See images from my gallery.

My clients think it’s funny when I tell them to practice sexy faces before the session or when I say “bring your inner diva” but it really makes a difference in the session. It is important to pretend that the camera the person you are taking the portraits for so that you get the overall feeling that you want to express in your images.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with outfits and props. I had a client bring her husband’s Navy sweatshirt to wear with nothing else but panties. This is an awesome way spark imagination when your loved one is away, especially for military wives and girlfriends. Another really great outfit is a man’s dress shirt, tie and a pair of cute, sexy panties. I even had a client recreate the sexy Jennifer Aniston spread from GQ magazine with a man’s tie. They were smokin’! Wish I could share them, but my client requested privacy. (sigh…) I’m always open to creative suggestions from my clients…creativity is my passion!

For bridal boudoir great accessories that you should already have as a bride-to-be are, of course, lingerie for the wedding night, a veil, a garter, shoes, and some elegant jewelry. Bridal boudoir is the most perfect gift to give to your soon-to be husband and what an awesome way to knock his socks off before the wedding and a great way to start your marriage!

Really, aside from a few key pieces of lingerie and a sexy pair of heels, it is all about the attitude! All of my clients have been very beautiful and sexy in their own way!

Be confident and bring your inner diva!

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