bombshell bras for boudoir sessions

Bombshell Bras

So this week I am talking about bras. A supportive, attractive bra is super important for your boudoir session. Let’s face it, the “girls” are a main attraction, so they need to be front and center…literally!

I created a board of different types of bras that will offer the support needed while not detracting from the overall style of a classic boudoir session. The common denominator in all of them is underwire. An underwire bra offers the most support despite what style you choose. They lift, separate and shape as you can see from all of the images above.

Push-up – Push-up bras do what they say…push up! This may be the bra you want to go for, but before you do try to find a balconette or other underwire bra that offers support and shaping WITHOUT the extra padding. Push-up bras tend to pucker when lying down in a really unflattering way. It just doesn’t tend to look natural. If you do bring a push-up bra to your session, be sure to bring another supportive underwire choice without padding. You want to make sure that you aren’t overflowing out the sides and the underarm area stays smooth.

T-shirt – T-shirt bras tend to fall in the same category as the push-up bra with the extra padding. Although smooth, they just don’t tend to be that sexy.

Strapless – I don’t usually see anyone bringing a strapless bra other than my maternity clients. They are helpful when wearing the maternity gowns or draping fabrics to cover the chest and belly area. I will say that if you lean more towards the longline or bustier which is strapless, this is really beautiful for boudoir and beauty portraits…especially when paired with a vintage slip or tulle skirt. I have several of these in the studio for clients to use.

Balconette/Demi – Balconette or Demi bras are a very good choice for your boudoir session. They boost, shape and cover less area overall. There are plenty of pretty options out there for this type of bra. They lack the extra padding that a push-up bra has but still offer a ton of lift!

Hope this helps in choosing your perfect bra, but if you still have questions contact me for help. I offer complimentary shopping assistance to help prepare for your boudoir/beauty session.


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