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Sexy curves. It doesn’t matter what size you are if you are confident in your own skin. I loved working with Ms. C. She accompanied another client to the studio and decided to let me photograph her. I always encourage clients to bring a friend with them so that they have a personal cheerleader and support other than me.

Just another boudoir session sneak peek for Ms. C…

You are gorgeous!

plus size boudoir session sexy curves


Sexy Curves Ahead – Ms. C

I was so excited when Ms. C agreed to let me shoot a boudoir session with her. I knew when I met her that she would be perfect! There is nothing wrong with curves and she sure proved that!

I wasn’t wrong, we had so much fun and so far her images from the session are SLAMMIN’! All curves…all SEXY!

If you or someone you know is interested in a boudoir session, please contact me at [email protected]

curvy woman with intense eyes boudoir portraitplus size boudoir tulsa pretty in pinkplus size boudoir implied nude portraitplus size woman in white shirt and tie

age is just a number

Age is just a number. Ooh La La! This is a REAL hot momma of 3. Wow! That’s all I can really say. This was the first boudoir session in the new studio space and we had an awesome time of it! I just couldn’t wait to post a sneak peek from the session. gorgeous mom of three age is just a number boudoir photo

Redbook- Posing for Sexy Photos

Need help with boudoir posing for sexy photots? Here is an interesting article in Redbook about posing for boudoir photos. If your hesitant about doing this type of thing, maybe this
article will help. Boudoir images are empowering and can be a real confidence builder.
By getting naked for photos, Kimberly Ford rediscovered a part of herself she thought she’d lost forever.

Tulsa Boudoir Session Highlight

Tulsa boudoir session highlight.

Are you looking for a way to feel more beautiful, sexy and great about yourself? My goal as a boudoir photographer has always been to make people feel good about what they see when they look at their portraits.

Capturing that special moment is the key to any successful boudoir photography session. To properly capture that special moment, you’ve got to be comfortable with yourself and your photographer during your session.

My job as the photographer is to put you at ease by creating the right mood and atmosphere. In addition to setting the atmosphere to put you at ease, I like to perform creative post-processing on the photos that I capture to make your images even more special.

Take this image as an example: I used some post-processing to bring some softness to the photo and highlight the details of the different textures while accentuating the curves of the subject.

tulsa boudoir portrait in black tulle skirt and corset

Are you interested in a boudoir photography session but not sure what to expect?  Contact me and I will walk you through it.  You don’t have to have any special outfits or clothes or go shopping for the occasion (although you can if you’d like!).  We’ve provided some information and tips on our session page to help you understand how to prepare, what to expect and what your investment will be.

LuxeMod Boudoir is a Tulsa, OK based Boudoir Photography Studio serving Tulsa, Oklahoma City and their surrounding areas. While our boudoir photography is a new offering, we’ve been providing photographic services since 2007.

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