Colorado Photo Tours for Women


mooseinwillows colorado photo tours by wren and willow photographyColorado photo tours is something exciting that I am currently working on. If you don’t know, I live very close to Rocky Mountain National Park. I visit often since it is only about a hour away from me. I thought I would start offering tours to local women and visitors that aren’t familiar with the area, but really want to do some sightseeing.

There are so many breathtakingly beautiful drives and places not far from Denver. So if you are not familiar with the area, let me be your guide! We can plan whatever you would like based on what you would like to see during your visit to Colorado.

The thing that will be special with my Colorado photo tours, is that I would love to offer them to women who maybe aren’t comfortable sightseeing alone or those that don’t really hike that much or maybe just aren’t really able to due to limited mobility.  I completely understand both being a woman who loves the mountains and also struggled with mobility prior to a hip surgery.

What I would like to offer:

See some of the beautiful mountain scenery that Colorado is famous for!

I can take you to see some areas that wildlife frequently visit.

I can incorporate a mini session into your tour if you are interested in having some photos taken with the incredible scenery.

If you love photography, but maybe want to some help with your camera or taking better photos on your trip…I can help!

I would love to hear from you if you have requests or other suggestions for photo tours around Colorado.  Contact me here!

Balancing Work and Recovery: Announcement

lifestyle-family-photographyAs a photographer, balancing work and recovery sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs, and recently, I had to take some time off from photography sessions due to surgery. It was definitely a challenge balancing my personal obligations and work responsibilities during this time, and I had to limit my availability.

The good news is, I’ve fully recovered from my surgery and am now back to scheduling photo sessions. While it was hard taking some time off, I knew I had to prioritize my health and well-being so that I could come back and continue providing excellent customer service without compromising the quality of my work.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. I can’t wait to spend time capturing your memories this year.

I love lifestyle sessions for newborns and families. They capture real emotions and interactions in everyday life, at home or in a special location. For newborn sessions, I capture the tender moments between the baby and family. For families with young children, lifestyle sessions work well because they allow for movement and interaction. Instead of posing, I let children be themselves. These sessions document the joy and energy of childhood, creating special memories for families to treasure.

Please feel free to look at my galleries for lifestyle  session ideas here and here.

Arches National Park Photography


Arches National Park in eastern Utah is a destination of otherworldly beauty and a dream for any photographer. Covering over 76,000 acres, the park boasts over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, the result of millions of years of geological activity that created some of the most spectacular rock formations on the planet.

One of the park’s most famous arches is the Delicate Arch. This 65-foot-tall freestanding arch is a popular spot for photographers, especially during the golden hour, when the arch glows with a warm, orange hue. Additionally, to capture the perfect shot, photographers need to hike a 3-mile trail that gains 480 feet in elevation.

Another popular arch in the park is the Landscape Arch. Consequently, the longest natural arch in the park and one of the longest in the world. Photographers can capture the soft, warm light on the arch and the surrounding landscape during the early morning.

For those seeking panoramic shots, the Windows Section offers stunning views of the North and South Windows and Turret Arch. Meanwhile, the Fiery Furnace area presents a maze of sandstone canyons, perfect for adventurous photographers.

Regardless of your preferred type of photography, Arches National Park has something to offer. With its sweeping panoramas and delicate close-ups of the park’s unique geology, it’s no wonder why the park has become a favorite destination for landscape photographers from around the world.

I just wanted to share some of my images from my time there. I certainly hope that you enjoy my Arches National Park photography. Please feel free to post a comment or ask a question. Here is a link to find more information about the park:

Senior Photo Session Flatirons Near Boulder, CO

What a lovely backdrop for any senior photo sessions – the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. This lovely high school senior is my niece. She was visiting from Oklahoma and wanted a mountain backdrop for her senior photos.

The last image was another beautiful Colorado canyon location.

Lifestyle Family Session Erie Colorado

Lifestyle family sessions are lovely here in Colorado. I am so very late in posting this session, but I wanted to share my first family session since moving to Colorado. Erie, CO is so beautiful with its majestic mountain views. It’s the perfect backdrop for any portraits.

There are so many gorgeous outdoor locations for portrait photography in Colorado. I’ve spent lots of time exploring and have some great spots! If you live in Colorado or are traveling to the area and would like a portrait session with mountain views or in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, please contact me to book your session!