about me

headshot wren and willow photographyHi! My name is Tracie. I have a love for anything creative. It started when I was little and still remains.

I still remember my first camera in high school. I guess that is one of the things I got from my dad as he loved to paint landscapes and he also carved birds from blocks of wood.

Photography became my creative outlet. Even in my free time, I love to take pictures. My husband & I enjoy driving around to photograph landscapes and wildlife regularly.

Professionally, I have photographed all genres but have found that my new favorite is lifestyle photography. There is nothing like spending a little time in your favorite spaces and sharing your connections. I feel that lifestyle sessions gives you much more than just memorable images.

Here’s something to think about…

Can you tell me about all of the images that are stored on your phone right now? Who is in them,  where you were and why?  How about this… Can you tell me, without looking, about all of the images that are on your wall? I bet you can, and here’s why: because we print what matters to us! I truly believe this and I want you to cherish them AND print them.

I hope I get the chance to meet you soon!

xoxoxo… Tracie

Firestone Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photography

Located in Firestone, CO
Member, Professional Photographers of America
Certified in Digital Photography
16 years experience