a new adventure

A new adventure is on the horizon for myself and my husband. We have decided to sell our house early next year and put everything in storage so that we can travel the US and maybe a little Canada too. After losing our family pet, we decided to wait to add another furry member to our family so that we can travel more. We’re not getting any younger, so we would rather do it sooner rather than later!

I am really looking forward to seeing lots of new places, having tons of adventures, and making memories. Things are just “things” and don’t really have any true value. I want to experience life as much as I can…while I still can! I will be taking LOTS of pictures to share with you here, I promise!

That being said, I will only be conduction photography sessions through about mid November this year. I anticipate our travel to last AT LEAST a year…but it could last longer. So…I am telling you this so that you can book your holiday sessions so that you can get your Christmas gifts planned this year. Don’t wait too long to book and please ask if you have any questions.


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