50 shades boudoir sessions

50 shades boudoir sessions50 shades boudoir

Well, the wait is finally over…the movie is out! Curious to see if it lived up to the books. I have read the books, but have not yet seen the movie. It was sold out, so will have to plan soon.

Anyway, I am betting on a baby boom around Thanksgiving this year 🙂 I want to do my part to contribute to that by putting the idea out there for those lovely ladies out there who think they want to do a 50 Shades boudoir shoot with me. Think shirt, tie, mask, delicate lace handcuffs…you get the picture. I even have a new shades of grey backdrop to play with.

I know there are tons of ladies out there who thought, “It would be so cool to do a 50 Shades of Grey boudoir shoot.” Now you can! You’re welcome 🙂

Contact me to set up a session so we can have fun! Get some inspiration from my 50 Shades Boudoir Pinterest board. https://www.pinterest.com/luxemod/50-shades-boudoir-inspiration/

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